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More and more people are utilizing the benefits of massage therapy to address pain, injuries, and mental stress . Massage therapy has become a necessary part of people's self-care regimen, and is no longer treated as a simple luxury.

There are many wonderful massage therapists to choose from. Because it is very important that you feel comfortable with your massage therapist, I have included testimonials here on my website. I have great gratitude to be able to do such rewarding work. It is an honor to be trusted by my clients to support them in their healing process.


"I am a 48 year old runner who just recently had my first experience with massage therapy. I have been experiencing the aches and pains that come with aggressive training and decided to give it a try. I told Mindy about my situation and where my problem areas were and she went to work. Each massage brought relief and renewed vigor to my legs. After my third session the pain I was regularly feeling in my left achiles tendon was gone. I have gone from non-believer to massage junkie. Mindy was able to quickly target and address my problem areas. She is great!" J. B.

"Just a note to say how much I benefit from my seated massage sessions with you. Even though it’s only a few minutes out of my day, the effect is so dramatic! I feel much less stressed, and so tranquil, not to mention the disappearance of all the neck and shoulder kinks I started with. Please keep up the good work." N. S.

"Her hands are magic! Mindy has been working at my place of employment for several years. From my own experience, we are so happy to know that she is on site, and the benefits of her massage are reflected on our faces. We all look forward all week to her coming, and she is a great adjunct to healing and wellness."  S. L.

"15 minutes of heaven!"  G. G.

"I have had the pleasure of going to Mindy at least every other week for over three years now. I started out only doing 15 minutes and have gone up to 30 and that still isn’t enough! Her deep massage technique is wonderful for working out knots and strains. I sit at a desk all day and have a tendency of carrying my stress in my neck and shoulders and she always finds just where that is and works them out wonderfully. I always leave her feeling so relaxed and refreshed! I cannot recommend her services enough and have in fact gotten several of my fellow employees to go see her as well. Her manner is relaxed and professional and she has a wonderful way of putting you at ease right away. She is wonderful and I look forward to my appointments with her. She is definitely a wonderful masseuse."  L. B.

"I feel like a new man!"  D. D.

"Mindy has been coming to UNUM for over 12 years giving seated massages. Those of us smart enough to take advantage of this have been extremely satisfied. Not only are the massages incredible, Mindy seems to know if/when a client wants to chat. She is a warm, caring , lovely lady. I always come away from a massage with Mindy in a much better, peaceful state of mind. Mindy asks what are the problem areas and how deep do we want her to go." N. A.

"I have had neck pain for several years from sitting at a computer, and the pain has dramatically improved since I started seeing Mindy. I highly recommend her!"  L G.

"Mindy Ray is an amazing massage therapist. She has a serene presence that creates peace and calm in the spirit while her powerfully healing hands release all tension from the body. I feel totally rejuvenated and relaxed after a Mindy massage and I've enjoyed this luxury for fifteen years. I highly recommend Mindy as the best massage therapist I know! Thank you Mindy!"  F. S.

"Mindy is always fast to respond when scheduling appointments and gives a strong, soothing massage. Highly Recommend!"  M. P.

"Mindy is fantastic and having the seated massage at work is invaluable. It's great to have the opportunity to get away from my desk for some stress relief. Mindy is an excellent therapist, I've had several appointments with her and have had much relief from knots and back and neck pain which allowed me to work through the rest of my day more comfortably. She knows just how to find what is wrong and work on it. Thank you Mindy!"  C. E.

"Divine, divine, divine........magic hands, magic hands!"  K. F.

"Mindy has been providing on-site seated massages, at my place of employment, for over five years. She is truly a healer with magic hands that know exactly where the sorest of muscles are. I would highly, and I mean highly, recommend her services to anybody searching for therapy. But beware...... You will become addicted! "  S. M.

"A wonderful and patient person. I came to her because I was having repeated problems with my neck and back. Since I've started to see her, I have had little to no problems with both. She was even a help to my shoulder and arm when my work started to hurt them. I'm very grateful for her time in helping me get to a healthier place in my life. Thank you so much Mindy!"  G. G. 

"For 14 years I've had the same job, sitting at a desk typing all day. Though my company is very conscious of ergonomics, I still have the usual hand, neck, shoulder, and back discomfort. For the past 10 years I've been seeing Mindy to have a seated massage. She is upbeat and has a vibrant spirit. It's so convenient...she comes right to my job! It's in a comfortable environment with calming music to relax you. By the end of my massage the tension is gone, I'm so relaxed, I could sit there all day! I've never been disappointed and would recommend everyone have a massage by Mindy! :)"  A. H. 

"I have been seeing Mindy for just over a year now and always look forward to my appointments! After an hour on her table I feel energized and ready to head back into the world! It is obvious she loves her work. I would highly recommend her to anyone!"  T. S.

"Mindy is a highly skilled massage therapist and she is a consummate professional at all times. She is extremely talented and approaches each and every session with tremendous enthusiasm and positive energy. I have been a regular client of Mindy’s for over 6 years and would see her for sessions on a consistent basis. As a busy professional, one aspect of Mindy’s service to me I always greatly appreciated was the fact that she was always ready for our sessions ahead of schedule. This allowed us to begin and complete our sessions always on time. There was not a single instance in all the years of working with Mindy where I felt a massage therapy session was cut short for any reason. She was always sensitive to my needs and ensured that I was completely satisfied after every session. I found her responsiveness and her ability to work with my schedule to be exceptional. Again, given my busy and constantly changing schedule, I cannot overstate the value of these aspects of her services and the importance of them to me personally. As a benefactor of Mindy’s services I’m confident you will be impressed with her work ethic and her professionalism. If you are considering her as your therapist, then I highly recommend Mindy for the reasons stated above and I am confident you will enjoy many years of beneficial and satisfying therapy work with her."  J. Y.

"I have been getting massages from Mindy for at least 5 years. She is very attentive, compassionate, and humorous! I always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed!"  S. C.

"I have been seeing Mindy for one hour massages for 2 or 3 years now. I look forward to every visit and leave feeling thoroughly relaxed. Mindy is kind and friendly and has a very caring touch. She is extremely skilled as a massage therapist and very professional. I would definitely recommend her to anyone."  M. J.

"I started going to Mindy for a chair massage a few years ago. I had known she was on our company’s campus weekly but didn’t know what benefit I might get from a chair massage. Wow, in today’s business world many of us are under stress and don’t even realize it until we take a little time out for this wonderful little experience. Within several minutes my shoulders and back really start to relax. Mindy’s affordability plus her traveling to us really is a plus. I highly recommend Mindy."  G. E.

"I love that Mindy has made it possible to be able to have a massage at my place of work during business hours and has also made it possible for me to be more relaxed and not have to use Paid Time Off for the appointments.   I usually have a 15 minute massage. Mindy is very flexible and does an outstanding job on my neck, shoulders, and back. I like being able to come to work and have a massage on site at a time that is convenient for me. And that I can schedule it for every week or every other week or once a month. (I used to have to go to therapy 3 times a week for my neck and shoulders, which meant that I had to use a lot of Paid Time Off for them). And it is affordable, too. If I have a knot in my neck or I have twisted it just right, Mindy is able to massage it out and without it being painful. And she can also work around if you have any stitches or scars. I have had stitches a few times and she did a wonderful job working around the areas. I am so thankful for having this available to me. She has made me pain-free in my neck and shoulders. Thank you so much Mindy."  T. D.

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